Pond/Aquarium Cleaner & Sludge Remover 128 oz

SKU: R440592



Pond Cleaner & Sludge Remover - Makes Water Crystal Clear
- Keeps Water Crystal Clean.
- Contain Unique Beneficial Bacteria.
- Eliminates Ammonia and Nitrite.
- Clear and Natural - No Artificial Dyes added.
- Reduces Build-Up of Wastes.
- Promotes Plant Growth.
- Increases your Filter Service Cycle.
- Removes Hidden Wastes.
- Helps Maintain Healthy Fish.
- Increases Oxygen Level in the Water.
- Boosts and Enhances the Biological Filter. Safe for all Fish and Pets including -Household Pets that may Drink the Water.
- Concentrated Formula Treats 3 times more water.

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